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Distance learning in Lithuanian schools (learning by corresponding course)
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Distance learning in Lithuanian schools (learning by corresponding course)


In the attempt to help Lithuanian migrants abroad to keep in touch with the Lithuanian education system and to facilitate their integration on returning to study in Lithuanian schools, the Ministry of Education and Science grants authorizations to carry out distance learning programs. Distance education is carried out in two ways:

  1. Under the national curriculum framework of the Ministry of Education and Science, a person is taught all subjects; on completion of the general education program, he/she is awarded a corresponding document, that is, a certificate of completing primary or basic education as well as a certificate of secondary education/maturity certificate (those who only completed part of the program are issued a certificate certifying the completion of the respective part of the program).
  2. Distance learning under the program of ‘Lithuanistic education‘, that is, only courses in the Lithuanian language, literature, history and geography are chosen, on completion of which a certificate of completing this course is issued)

Distance learning is executed via Skype program, using such methods as e-lessons, video material, etc. Learners are only required to appear to the educational institution in person to take maturity examinations (after completing the twelfth grade) and, in some cases, to have their knowledge checked after completing the tenth grade of compulsory schooling.

Distance education is free of charge and currently provided by the following educational institutions:

Lithuanistic education abroad is also carried out in formal (receiving partial funding from the Ministry of Education and Science) and non-formal (private) Lithuanian schools abroad. A list of all Lithuanian schools abroad is available on this website.

Updated: 2018-01-24

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