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Is it possible to complete schooling in another, non-Lithuanian language?
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Is it possible to complete schooling in another, non-Lithuanian language?


Senior class students wishing to continue their studies in English, have the possibility to be granted an International Baccalaureate diploma (hereinafter referred to as the IBO) in the following five schools in Lithuania: Vilnius International School (the first and the only school in Lithuania to offer the IB Primary School  and IB Middle School programs), Vilnius Lyceum, Kaunas Jesuit gymnasiumŠiauliai Didždvaris gymnasium and Tauragė ‘Versmė’ gymnasium. Within the International Baccalaureate program, English is used as a medium of instruction for all subjects, with the exception of the Lithuanian language and literature. IBO is a two-year program (with the exception of the IB Primary and IB Middle School offered by the Vilnius International School) for 11-12th grade students. Below is the list of eligibility conditions:

  • Applications to be submitted until April 30;
  • Entrance examinations are held;
  • In the IBO schools, the principle of territorial preference is not applied;
  • Submission of documents certifying completion of basic education;
  • Examination fee for IBO is around 600 Euros.

The opportunity to complete secondary education program in English is also provided by the American International School in VilniusKlaipėda LyceumKlaipėda ‘Universa Via’ International School. You may also choose Middle School program in VIMS – International Meridian School or Primary School program in Queen Morta School, in both of which English is used as a medium of instruction. The students choosing the  French language have the option to attend the Vilnius French School.

In addition to the above mentioned schools, there are other schools in Lithuania (both private and public)  offering advanced foreign language training (bilingual education). In them, English, French or German is used as a medium of instruction for part of the subjects, and is provided for students of different age groups. In ethnic minority schools, the language of insruction is Russian, Polish or Belarusian, with bilingual education programs introduced.

Private school tuition costs range widely, from 58 Euros per year to 14 999 EUR per year.

If you are interested in getting schooling in a foreign language offered within a certain municipality, please contact our consultants.

Vilnius LithuaniansHouse gymnasium offers the programs of primary, basic and secondary education. The purpose of Vilnius Lithuanians’ House is to provide general, formal and informal education to children of exiles of Lithuanian descent, descendants of political prisoners, foreigners and citizens of Lithuania who have come for a short time or returned to live permanently in the Republic of Lithuania, and children of Lithuanian citizens living abroad; provide formal and informal education of both adults and children, training Lithuanian language skills among those who do not speak the state language. The school also supplies assistance to other schools and teachers as well as assists in teaching the Lithuanian language. Tuition, accommodation in a dormitory and meals are free of charge – all the costs are covered by the state. More information is available on the website (in Lithuanian).

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