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Vilnius Lithuanians' House
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Vilnius Lithuanians' House


The purpose of Vilnius Lithuanians’ House is to provide general, formal and informal education to children of exiles of Lithuanian origin, descents of political prisoners, foreigners and citizens of Lithuania who have come for a short time or returned to live permanently in the Republic of Lithuania, and children of Lithuanian citizens living abroad. The school also supplies the assistance to other schools and teachers as well as assists in teaching the Lithuanian language.

Students who come from abroad live in a renovated dormitory with all necessary facilities. There is a dining room, hall, study, recreation and fitness rooms. After graduation, successful students can apply for targeted places at Lithuanian universities.

Education, living and meals in the dormitory are free of charge.

Vilnius Lithuanians’ House accepts:

  • children who are descendents of Lithuanian exiles and political prisoners;
  • children of foreigners;
  • children of Lithuanians coming or returning to Lithuania;
  • children whose parents live outside Lithuania.

Pupils are accepted to the first grade at the age of seven or if he/she will be seven till the 31 of December of the same year. To other classes, pupils are accepted at the age of 7 – 17. Those who do not know the Lithuanian language are accepted to a special class or group where they learn Lithuanian language for one year.

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