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How are studies organized in Lithuanian institutions of higher education?
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How are studies organized in Lithuanian institutions of higher education?


Studies in institutions of higher education (hereinafter referred to as IHE) are carried out according to degree or non-degree programmes.

Degree granting studies are of two types: those of college level and university level. The degree system is based on a three-cycle structure. 1st cycle: Professional Bachelor (profesinis bakalauras) or Bachelor (bakalauras), 2nd cycle: Master (magistras); 3rd cycle: Doctor of Sciences (mokslo daktaras) or Doctor of Arts (meno daktaras).

The 1st cycle Professional Bachelor’s programs are offered by colleges whereas 1st cycle Bachelor’s programs are offered by universities. The 2nd cycle degree granting programs can only be offered by universities. The 3rd cycle programs may be carried out by universities or universities together with research institutes. University level degree granting programs can embrace the 1st and 2nd cycles of studies.

For those who acquire non-university higher education and wish to continue their studies in the 2nd cycle of programs, the option is to choose leveling study programs offered by universities. Such college level education is comparable to university Bachelor’s degree. Non–degree granting study programs are aimed at preparing students for independent professional practice or gaining/upgrading professional qualifications. Certificate of studies) is issued after completion of non-degree granting studies.

Lithuanian higher education system


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Both 1st and 2nd cycle studies are offered by state and private institutions of higher education.

There is a possibility to complete both 1st and 2nd cycle studies in the Lithuanian IHE in the English language. The programs offered in English are annually reviewed and their number varies.

Currently, those wishing to pursue studies in the English language, are offered more than 100 1st cycle (Professional Bachelor and Bachelor) and more than 110 2nd cycle (Master) study programs. Study programs in the Russian language are also offered (24 1st cycle and 23 2nd cycle programs). More information is available on

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