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What is meant by adult education, senior education and lifelong learning program?
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What is meant by adult education, senior education and lifelong learning program?


Adults wishing to complete primary or secondary general education course (a comprehensive school) have the opportunity to do this in adult secondary schools, training centers and secondary schools, adult classes. Basic and secondary education for adults is free of charge. Adult schools admit persons from 16 years of age. As a rule of thumb, they are also more flexible with respect to the youth returning to Lithuania from a foreign country to study.

Lifelong learning embraces the ongoing learning activity and pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons. It may take place in any age and is aimed at enhancing social inclusion, active citizenship, personal development, self-sustainability and employability of a person.
Third age universities functioning in Lithuania are the organizations providing senior persons with such an opportunity. Thus, if you plan to return to Lithuania with your parents of an older age, they could be interested in a possibility to pursue life long learning.

Lifelong learning includes distance learning modules when certain courses, trainings and seminars can be completed online staying at home, in the most convenient way for you. In some cases, a certificate is issued, which may increase employment opportunities.

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