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What is professional retraining (continuing vocational training) and apprenticeship?
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What is professional retraining (continuing vocational training) and apprenticeship?


Professional retraining is the program offered by the Lithuanian Labor Exchange for people whose qualifications no longer meet the demand of the labor market. The aim of the program is to retrain them for a job in demand or to upgrade their professional qualification.

To qualify for such a program, individuals must be given a layoff notice and/or be registered with the Labour Exchange. In addition, vocational school leavers are also required to have completed their vocational training no earlier than 3 years preceeding the retraining program. In addition, a retraining option has to be provided for in an individual employment action plan, developed by the person in question with a Labour Exchange staff member.

Professional retraining is financed through State resources. Upon completion of the program, its participant is required to work at least for 6 months under an employment contract concluded after retraining program. Otherwise, the Labor Exchange office may require to reimburse any costs incurred during retraining program related to   vocational training.

Returness from abroad may use retraining option after they register with the Lithuanian Labour Exchange and develop an individual employment action plan together with a Labour Exchange staff member. Retraining aims at helping employees with different profiles to re-enter the Lithuanian labour market.


Apprenticeship is is a system of training a new generation of practitioners of a trade or profession with on-the-job training. Such ttraining is provided by the company in conjunction with the educational institution. On-the-job training is a form of training taking place in a normal working situation (a production company or an organization) while an educational training institution will take the responsibility for deepening or providing the theoretical knowledge and teaching initial vocational skills. More information available on www.pameistrystė.lt (in Lithuanian).

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