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What is vocational training?
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What is vocational training?


Vocational training programs offer individuals of all ages and education the opportunity to gain a qualification or competence for a certain job or function. The first qualification is acquired during initial vocational education and training programs at vocational schools. The aim of continuing vocational training programs is to improve the level of the acquired qualification or gain a new qualification.

In addition to acquiring a professional qualification, vocational training institutions provide individuals with an opportunity to complete basic or secondary education. Initial vocational training is funded from the state budget (it is free of charge) and provided to persons not younger than 14 years of age. On completing vocational education and training, the best performing individuals or those having work experience in line with the qualification acquired are awarded extra points if they choose to enter IHE.

The vocational schools admit persons who have completed 8th or 10th grades. In this case, both vocational and secondary education is provided. The individuals admitted to vocational schools after completion of 12 grades will acquire only professional qualification, and their studies are shorter.

Admission is conducted in each vocational school individually, by submitting an application and other relevant documents (a list of requested documents may vary depending on a particular vocational school and a profession of one’s choice). The dates and deadlines for submitting applications are from May to August.

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