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Temporary residence permits in Lithuania
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Temporary residence permits in Lithuania


A temporary residence permit in Lithuania is issued to an alien who is not a citizen of the EU Member State. Usually it is issued for one year.

A temporary residence permit can be issued or replaced to an alien if:

  • he/she has retained the right to citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • he/she is an alien of Lithuanian descent;
  • there is a case of the family reunion (what a family reunion is, see here);
  • he/she intends to work;
  • he/she intends to do the job requiring high professional qualification;
  • he/she is engaged in and intends to continue legal activities in Lithuania;
  • he/she intends to study;
  • he/she is appointed guardianship (care) or he/she is appointed to be a custodian (guardian)
  • he/she intends to work as a lecturer, carry out research on the basis of the job contract concluded with a research institution or an institution of higher education registered in Lithuania, and (or) work as a researcher of experimental (social, cultural) development;
  • he/she has acquired the status of a long-time resident in another EU Member State and has a residence permit issued by that state.

An alien must submit an application to issue the first temporary residence permit and other documents to a diplomatic mission or a consular post of the Republic of Lithuania abroad, and the alien who stays in Lithuania legally – to the Migration Division of the Territorial Police Office in the territory of whose service an alien intends to declare his/her place of residence.

The time for considering the application is one-four months.

The list of the documents to be submitted together with the application is available on the Internet website of the Migration Department.

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