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Work permit
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Work permit


Usually the alien who intends to work in Lithuania must have a work permit.

These provisions apply to the citizens of third countries. The citizens of the EU and EFTA Member States make use of the right of free movement of workers therefore they do not need work permits. The citizens of third countries who are family members of a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania and have a permanent residence permit issued for the purpose of the family reunion, or who have a permanent residence permit or the Residence
Card of a Family Member of the European Union Citizen permitting to reside temporarily or permanently in the country do not need to obtain a work permit either.  There are also other cases provided for in the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania when an alien is exempt from the obligation to obtain a work permit..

An alien must obtain a work permit before arriving in Lithuania. An alien may be issued a work permit if there is no specialist in Lithuania who satisfies the qualification requirements set by an employer. A highly-skilled worker does not need a work permit if other conditions of issuing a temporary residence permit established in the Law are applied to him/her.

The Lithuanian Labour Exchange shall issue a work permit to an alien and shall annul it, as well as extend the validity term of the permit.

An employer who wants to employ an alien has to appeal to the territorial labour exchange in the territory of whose activity a vacancy is registered. The procedure for submitting the documents, the deadlines and the documents necessary to be submitted are available on the Internet website  of the Lithuanian Labour Exchange.


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