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Temporary residence permit
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Temporary residence permit


If a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania has not exercised the right of free movement (that is, he/she has never left Lithuania to reside, work or study in another EU, EFTA Member State or Switzerland) or if he/she is unable to prove that, his/her family member, who is a citizen of third country, shall be issued a temporary residence permit. This permit shall be issued on the basis of the family reunion. A family reunion means an alien’s  arrival and residing legally in Lithuania to preserve a family irrespective of the fact whether family relations were established before the alien’s arrival or upon his/her  arrival (when he/she arrives on a different basis, e.g., to work).

A family reunion shall be considered to be a situation when:

  • The alien’s parents or one of them who are citizens of the Republic of Lithuania reside in Lithuania;
  • Parents of a minor alien or one of them or a spouse of one of them who is a guardian to the minor alien and who is a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania or has a permit to reside in Lithuania (hereinafter referred to as a residence permit) lives in Lithuania;
  • The alien’s child who is a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania resides in Lithuania;
  • The alien’s child who has been given shelter in Lithuania and was issued a residence permit in Lithuania;
  • The alien’s spouse or the person with whom an agreement of registered partnership has been concluded and who is a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania or an alien who is a holder of a residence permit;
  • He/she is an immediate relative in a straight ascending line of the alien who is a holder of a residence permit;
  • The alien’s parents reside in Lithuania who are incapable of work due to old-age pension age or disability and are holders of a permanent residence permit;
  • Especially difficult circumstances related to cancellation of marriage or registered partnership or the death of a family member arise (…).

A list of documents to be submitted together with an application is available on this Internet website.

An alien must submit an application to issue the first temporary residence permit and other documents to a diplomatic mission or consular posts of the Republic of Lithuania abroad. An alien who is legally in the territory of Lithuania (i.e. in possession of the valid Schengen visa or the national visa of the Republic of Lithuania, or a residence permit), to the Migration Division of the Territorial Police Office in the territory of whose service he/she intends to declare his/her place of residence. Submission of this application, however, does not grant an alien the right to stay in the territory of Lithuania until his application to issue him/her a residence permit has been considered and the decision adopted. The decision must be taken not later than within 4 months.

A temporary residence permit to an alien who arrives for the purpose of a family reunion is issued for the period of one year and is replaced for the period of two years.

The State’s charge of 86 Euros is collected for considering the application to issue a temporary residence permit under the general procedure; if it is considered under the urgent procedure the charge of 172 Euros is taken.

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