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How should one register with a healthcare institution?
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How should one register with a healthcare institution?


Registration with a public healthcare facility is important, given the fact that in this healthcare institution you will be entitled healthcare service provision for free (as in other European Union member states, free provision of healthcare services is provided only in the institutions which have concluded agreements with Territorial Patient Funds for such service provision).

In the event of illness, you should first contact the healthcare institution with which you are registered and your general practitioner who will examine you for free, order medical laboratory tests, prescribe treatment and, if neded, refer a patient to a specialized doctor for a consultation or hospitalization. You should bear in mind that to see a medical specialist, you usually need a referral from your GP. In the absence of referral, you will have to pay for the services provided. You will also have to pay for the visits to a GP working in another healthcare institution, other than the one you are registered with.

How shall I register?

  • Choose a health care institution (an outpatient clinic, primary healthcare center or a family medical centre) and go to the healthcare facility of your choice. Provide your ID, fill out an application form and choose a practitioner. Do not forget that registration with a specific healthcare institution is only limited to persons who are covered with compulsory health insurance, regardless of whether the healthcare institution in question is public or private.

Reviewed: 2018-01-18

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