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Conscript service in the Lithuanian army
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Conscript service in the Lithuanian army


Due to a tense international situation, since the beginning of 2015 a conscript army has been renewed in Lithuania. Since the spring of 2015 the youth between the ages of 19 and 25 years are called up for military service. Throughout 9 months of 2015 a total of 3000 young men were called up for military training.  This accounts for only 1.7 per cent of all the young people of that age.

Since 7 January 2016 it has been started to compile lists for compulsory military service in 2016. Another 3000 young people between the ages of 19 and 26 were called-up for military service.

Amendments to the Law regulating military service containing certain guidelines in military service have been adopted:

  • all male citizens of the Republic of Lithuania from 19 to 26 years of age inclusive are people liable to military service (regardless of their place of residence);
  • from all the people liable to military service the conscripts are selected at random, with the help of a computer programme;
  • soldiers are paid a monthly allowance of 140, 60 Euros. Upon completing their service accumulative payments will be paid whose amount will depend on the results and on whether the soldiers were called-up under the compulsory procedure or arrived of their own free will (684–1710 Euros).
  • those who are in service will receive all state social guarantees;

Military service may be postponed if:

  • a person attends general education school, vocational school or an institution of higher education;
  • doing military service will do disproportionally great harm to his social or personal interests;
  • people are single parents raising a minor or are on paternity leave;
  • there are temporary health problems.

If a person is included in the list of conscripts but has a reason to postpone doing military service, he must submit documents certifying that to regional military conscription and recruitment departments.

Conscripts and soldiers who had completed their military service are granted certain privileges:

  1. compensation for a part of the tuition fee paid (institutions of higher education establish the procedure themselves);
  2. preference to the seats financed by the State at institutions of higher education (when drawing up a list of  entrants, institutions of higher education themselves decide on an additional point);
  3. subsidising the job and employment (a 6-month subsidy to the employers, who employ a soldier after his completion of compulsory initial military service or their employee who has completed said military service within three months  (up to 450 Euros per month);
  4. preference to be employed as a civil servant (when several candidates show the same results) and preference to entering statutory civil servants professional training institutions, as well as applying for post of a civil servant, when people are employed without taking part in a competition.

As has already been mentioned, it is planned to make people residing abroad to be liable to military service as well, however, it is worthwhile emphasising that when conscripting young men for compulsory military service the fact whether this conscription does not do disproportionally great harm to personal and social interests of the conscript will be taken into consideration.

If a person tried to avoid compulsory military service after he has received a call-up, he will be subject to criminal responsibility and he will be liable either to a fine, arrest or up to 3 years’ imprisonment.

More information about compulsory military service is available on the Internet websites (in Lithuanian) and the Ministry of National Defence.

The Ministry of National Defence has also established a free consultation number for those who appeal to it regarding compulsory military service – 8 800 12340.

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