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Registration for voting in the elections

Changes in the voting procedure are of interest to the citizens of Lithuania residing abroad. Until 2014, diplomatic missions sent voter registration questionnaires by ordinary post to the voters who had taken part in the earlier elections, which the voters filled in and sent back to the institutions and in this way the voters were put on voters’ lists. As of 2014, the procedure for the Presidential elections somewhat changed. All the voters residing or staying abroad on a temporary basis have to register electronically in the registration system of the electors who vote abroad. The registration procedure lasts several minutes only and electors must have only the document certifying their identity. One must register for each election separately. A filled-in and certified electronic application will automatically find itself on the list of the Embassy of Lithuania where the elector intends to vote. If the elector is staying in a state where there is no Embassy of Lithuania, the elector must enter the state in which he/she currently is staying into the registration system and the system will automatically choose the nearest Lithuanian Embassy where it would be possible to vote by mail.

This system began to operate during the elections to the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania in 2016.

I live abroad but return to Lithuania for the election period

If you return to Lithuania during the elections and want to vote here, on the Election Day you have to appeal to the electoral district in the territory of which you are staying. The District Election Commission shall inform the Central Election Commission, and it will check whether the citizen specified did not vote at a diplomatic mission (consular post) of the Republic of Lithuania. The District Election Commission enters the elector in an additional list and issues an Elector’s card, which will enable you to vote for the chosen candidates.

Updated: 2018-01-24

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