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For those returning from the EU/EEA countries or Switzerland - E 104 certificate form
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For those returning from the EU/EEA countries or Switzerland - E 104 certificate form


If you plan to return to Lithuania, you should consider a particularly relevant aspect related to the social benefits, which is the aggregation of social security contributions in other member states of the EU/EEA or in Switzerland (more information about this aggregation is presented in the sections on sickness and maternity benefits). E 104 certificate form is a certificate concerning the aggregation of periods of insurance, employment or residence in case of sickness, maternity, death and disability (incapacity for work).

The certificate specifies which contributions were made in a foreign country you lived in and provides you with an opportunity on returning to Lithuania to speed up the bureaucratic procedure concerning the aggregation of social insurance periods. In the absence of such a certificate, you apply for the aggregation of social insurance periods, and the relevant authorities will contact each other to obtain the required information. However, possession of the certificate does accelerate these processes. In the country of your residence, the issue of these certificates may be the responsibility of the authorities administering public health and social insurance.  In Lithuania, the responsibility for issuing E 104 certificates is undertaken by The State Patients‘ Fund and SODRA (only in Lithuanian).

Reviewed: 2018-01-12

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