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I worked abroad, but I am currently based in Lithuania. Am I entitled to an old age pension?
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I worked abroad, but I am currently based in Lithuania. Am I entitled to an old age pension?


In the EU/EEA member states, pensions are calculated according a person’s social insurance record and paid by the competent bodies of a respective member state, irrespective of the person’s nationality.

If you worked in several EU Member States, you may have acquired the right to qualify for a pension in each of them. In a situation like this, the EU Member State, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein will transfer the pension to you if you choose to live in Lithuania.

The Republic of Lithuania has also concluded bilateral international agreements on social security with Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Canada, regulating the granting and payment of pensions to recipients. Currently, an agreement is being negotiated with the USA.

If you are moving to Lithuania from Russia, having already received the pension granted by the said country, the payment of the pension in Russia will be terminated and your pension will be granted in Lithuania. If you have worked in Russia but are not yet recipient of the pension of the Russian Federation, Lithuania will include the work record gained in the Russian Federation, granting the pension under Lithuanian law.

When a person moves to Lithuania from Canada, Ukraine and Belarus, provided the pension has already been granted in the above mentioned countries, the payment of pension is continued by the respective countries.

Information about pension payment upon returning from a foreign country (only in Lithuanian).

Reviewed: 2018-01-12

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