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I worked both abroad and in Lithuania. How shall I be paid an old age pension?
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I worked both abroad and in Lithuania. How shall I be paid an old age pension?


If you worked in several EU/EEA member states, Switzerland or a country with which Lithuania has concluded a bilateral international agreement on social security (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Canada), and returned to Lithuania, the periods of work seniority for calculating your old age pension will not be lost. They will be taken into account when you claim a pension. Prior application to SoDra (State Social insurance Fund Board) regarding the working record acquired in other countries is not required. However, before leaving a foreign country, you should notify the relevant bodies.

Account taken of acquired insurance periods (seniority) offers an opportunity to consider, when applying for a pension, the periods during which you paid social insurance contributions (or when contributions have been made on your behalf) in various countries. Upon returning from the EU/EEA member states and Switzerland, old age insurance periods are taken into account when qualifying for benefits in Lithuania. That is, to claim an old age pension in Lithuania, you are required to have a work seniority of 15 years. Thus, if your work record in Lithuania is only 10 years, and for the remaining 5 years (or more) you have a working record abroad, you are also eligible for an old age pension in Lithuania. It should be noted, though, that its monetary expression will be calculated only on the basis of your work seniority acquired in Lithuania.

If a person returns to Lithuania prior to becoming eligibe for an old age pension in a foreign country, but having acquired a certain work record, upon reaching legal retirement age he will be paid a respective portion of the pension accrued in the country in question. That is, the accrued pension will be paid separately by each country, in proportion to the period of work record acquired in a particular country. If a person returns to Lithuania having acquired the right to claim all or part of pension in another country and is eligible for a pension in Lithuania, on reaching retirement age he will be paid two pensions, both by Lithuania and another foreign country.

How are insurance periods taken into account?

If you have already reached pensionable age or have been recognized as incapable or partially capable of work, you can request SoDra to help you with the account of insurance periods for your work record in other countries. On reaching a retirement age, a person, applying in the territorial SoDra office for an old age pension in Lithuania, is required to indicate that he has also worked in another country and wishes his pension payments to be made in the Lithuanian account. In such cases, SoDra Foreign Benefit Office acts as an intermediary, forwarding a person’s request to the relevant foreign country and receiving documents which certify the period of social insurance acquired by the person in question, the person’s eligibility for a pension and a specific amount awarded by a foreign country. Account is taken of the person’s length of service/employment abroad while establishing his social insurance record and calculating his pension in Lithuania. In the meantime, a   foreign country (the EU/EEA countries and Switzerland), notified by the person of the upcoming departure, pays an old age pension directly into the person’s account. All the countries in which you earned a pension will   usually pay you the amount due to a bank account in your country of residence, if you live within the EU/EEA or Switzerland. The procedure for transaction costs is established by each individual country. E.g., in Lithuania, any fees related to transfer of funds abroad are covered by SoDra. A person may only have to pay for crediting the funds from a foreign bank to his account, if it is applicable.

With regard to pension payment by the countries with which no agreements have been concluded, the person him/herself is required to obtain the information from the bodies, which administered pension payment to the person during his/her residence in the said countries or the countries in which the person had a job and paid social insurance contributions. Pension payment-related issues will be dealt with by the countries in question pursuant to the national legislation in force.

Reviewed: 2018-01-12

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