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I worked both abroad and in Lithuania. When am I eligible for old age pension?
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I worked both abroad and in Lithuania. When am I eligible for old age pension?


In Lithuania, a person is entitled to a state social insurance old age pension if he/she meets all of the following requirements:

  • reaches the statutory retirement age (as of 2018, the retirement age in Lithuania is 63.8 for men and 62.4 for women);
  • has the minimum social insurance contribution period required for the old age pension (fifteen years)

If a person does not have the required work seniority period of 15 years in Lithuania, in establishing entitlement to a (retirement) pension, the aggregation of the insurance periods completed in some other countries, that is, the EU/EEA member states, Switzerland as well as the countries with which bilateral agreements have been concluded, except for Russia, is applied.

Entitlement to a pension is established by adding together all the work/employment periods completed by the person, even though each country will make pension payment only for the work record acquired in that particular country. When a person has worked in several countries, a general rule that always applies is that two countries cannot award pension for the same work record.

E.g., if a person has worked 8 years in Lithuania and 12 years in France, Lithuania will take into account his/her social insurance periods by adding together all the periods covered by insurance contributions, and establish a 20-year period of social insurance. However, when calculating a specific amount, Lithuania will only take into account the period of 8 years completed by a person in Lithuania and the income generated over this period. The pension for the remaining 12 years will be awarded by France.

Retirement age may be different in the two countries a person has worked in and completed work periods (e.g.,  the age of 67 in Ireland and 63 in Lithuania). In this case, on reaching a retirement age in the country where a person is eligible for a pension entitlement, he/she is required to contact the Foreign Entitlement Service.

It should be noted that entitlement to a foreign old age pension precludes the possibility of early retirement.

Updated: 2018-01-12

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