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Aggregation of insured periods acquired abroad to qualify for a sickness benefit
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Aggregation of insured periods acquired abroad to qualify for a sickness benefit


Sick pay is payable to employees who have been covered by sickness and maternity social insurance for at least three months during the last 12 months, or at least six months during the last 24 months.

(Temporary) incapacity for work and sickness insurance periods acquired by the persons in a foreign country shall be taken into account in the same manner as in the case of qualifying for maternity and unemployment benefits (upon submission to an application to the local SoDra office and presenting the documents proving work record within the EU/EEA, Switzerland or a country Lithuania has concluded international agreements on social security with (except Canada and Russia).

As in the case of maternity benefits, the person claiming a sickness pay must be employed in Lithuania; the benefit shall be calculated only on the basis of income received in Lithuania (e.g., when calculating the amount of a sickness benefit, the earnings received in Spain will not be assessed. Account of your insurance coverage acquired abroad only helped you to qualify for the unemployment benefits).

More information about a sickness benefit available on SoDra website. (only in Lithuanian).

Reviewed: 2018-01-12

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