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General information
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General information


There are three benefits related to childbirth and child care leave:

  • Maternity benefit (paid to the woman during pregnancy and confinement leave);
  • Paternity benefit (paid to the child’s father at the time of child’s birth and after)
  • Child care benefit (paid to one of the parents during the leave for the purpose of child-raising)

The individuals claiming such benefits must have accumulated a minimum of 12 months in the last 24 months of sickness and maternity social insurance record. There are some exceptions when the minimum length of service requirement does not apply if you have failed to acquire the required social insurance record on the following grounds:

  • you are younger than 26 years old and for the past two years, you pursued general education or vocational training or higher education in the form of consecutive or full-time studies, and maternity leave was granted within 12 months of completion of education;
  • for the last two years, you have been an official, a serviceman of professional military service or a statutory civil servant, and the interval between the completion of service and your employment does not exceed 3 months;
  • you have already been on maternity leave, that is, the employer gave you maternity leave for a previously born child. In this case, the sickness and maternity social insurance period is calculated throughout the preceding 24-month period until the child attained the age of 2.

For those individuals who have returned from abroad, sickness and maternity insurance status periods, for which they were covered in the EU/EEA member states and Switzerland as well as Ukraine and Belarus, may also be taken into account in Lithuania. It should be emphasized that the purpose of awarding maternity, paternity and child care benefit is to compensate the loss of income incurred by the person due to pregnancy and delivery, paternity or child-raising leave. For this reason, the persons returning from abroad can claim the benefit if they have the above mentioned record of 12 month sickness and maternity social insurance during the last 24 months of (including the calculation of the periods of coverage abroad), but currently works in Lithuania.

For each born or adopted child, regardless of the fact that the benefit has already been paid out to the child after he/she is born, a single payment in the amount of 11 base social benefits (418 Euros) is granted. The one-off   payment is paid out to one of the parents of the child (or a single parent) (adoptive parents) or a child’s guardian.

Child allowance

From 2018 onwards, every child until the age of 18 will receive a monthly 30 Eur financial contribution. The term can be extended up to the age of 21. This applies to the children who are engaged in general education program (including general education program and general education along with the vocational learning program in vocational schools).

In addition, child allowance will be available for parents whose monthly income is lower than 1,5 state-supported income (2018 – 183 Eur).

Updated: 2018-01-12

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