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What shall I do if I worked abroad, but chose to live during my pregnancy, child delivery and child-raising leave in Lithuania?
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What shall I do if I worked abroad, but chose to live during my pregnancy, child delivery and child-raising leave in Lithuania?


To qualify for paternal benefits, you need to have acquired a 12-month maternity coverage during the last 24 months and to have a job in Lithuania. Maternity social insurance record also takes into account your work record abroad (within the EU/EEA Member States, in Switzerland, as well as in Ukraine and Belarus), but only when they do not coincide with the time worked in the Republic of Lithuania. For your foreign work record to be taken into account, you need to contact your local SoDra office. Account of your insurance coverage acquired abroad will only help you to qualify for the benefits but shall not affect the amount of benefits awarded (that is, the amount benefits related to pregnancy and maternity leave will not be calculated on the basis of foreign earned earnings).

If, before returning to Lithuania, you were covered with the sickness and maternity social insurance in another EU/EEA member state or Switzerland, you are required to submit to your local SoDra office an E104 form certificate or a structured electronic document (SED) S041 which replaces the said certificate, to certify the periods of insurance gained in another EU/EEA member state or Switzerland, or contact your local SoDra office with a request to intermediate in obtaining these documents.

The calculation of maternity, paternity and parental benefits is based only on the earnings obtained during the last 12 months in Lithuania (the amount of benefit payments depends on the previous remuneration but the maternity benefit will not be calculated on the basis of previous remuneration, which, for example, the person received in Norway).

E.g., if a person returns from abroad (EU/EEA member state, Switzerland, Belarus or Ukraine), having worked there for a year, his insurance periods are taken into account in Lithuania. After a few months on the job, his wife gives birth to a child. However, it’s the father who wants to take a parental leave. In this case, he is only entitled to a minimum parental benefit (since, as has been stated, only the income obtained in Lithuania will be taken into account; having an accrued period of social insurance conributions entitles him to receive benefits).

To qualify for benefits, your last job and insurance coverage must be established in Lithuania (that is, if, for example, you worked 12 months during the last 24 months abroad and returned to Lithuania only to give birth and raise your child, and if you are jobless, you are not entitled to receive maternity benefits). If you have never worked in Lithuania but are currently registered with the Labor Exchange Office, the payment of unemployment benefits will be extended (if you meet eligibility requirements for these benefits).

Parental benefits will continue to be paid after you declare departure from Lithuania, if a person does not receive insured income in another country.

It should be noted that if a person receiving a parental benefit during the first year of raising a child at the same time receives job-related income or the income subject to social insurance contributions, such a person is paid the difference between the benefit and the job-related income, that is, job-related income will be deducted from the benefit.

Reviewed: 2018-01-12

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