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What should be known about maternity benefits?
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What should be known about maternity benefits?


Discuss with the medical practitioner in charge when you can go on maternity leave (covering pregnancy and birth) and set the precise date. On the agreed date, the doctor will issue you an electronic certificate of maternity leave, covering pregnancy and delivery. It may be issued not earlier than after 30 weeks of pregnancy.

When the doctor issues you an electronic maternity leave certificate, notify your employer so he could prepare the necessary documents regarding your leave and submit a notification to SoDra concerning the granting of benefit (maternity allowance) to the employee.

Submit an application to the local SoDra office (online, by mail or by visiting a local office in person) claiming a maternity benefit covering pregnancy and birth.

Amount of benefits                                                   

The amount of a maternity benefit shall be 100% of the reimbursed remuneration of the beneficiary. Maternity benefit shall not be lower than the threshold, but there is no “ceiling” to the maximum ammount. The minimum of the maternity benefit cannot be lower than 20 percent of the average monthly wage (which is published every quarter by the Department of Statistics).

  • Minimum maternity benefit per month shall not be less than 228 Euros (Since 2018).
  • There is no ceiling for maternity benefit per month.

Maternity benefit is paid in a lump sum for the whole period of pregnancy and delivery leave, which may vary between 28 and 140 days, depending on the individual situation (126 calendar days in general).

Under the Sickness and Maternity Social Insurance Law, a pregnant woman who is not entitled to maternity benefit, 70 calendar days before the expected date of confinement is granted a single payment in the amount of only 2 base social benefits (76 Euros). The right to receive a lump sum is also granted to foreigners permanently residing in Lithuania.

More information on maternity benefits (only in Lithuanian).

Updated: 2018-01-11

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