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What should be known about paternity leave benefits?
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What should be known about paternity leave benefits?


A man may be granted paternity leave until the child reaches the age of three months. The granting of leave does not depend on the fact of marriage. It is sufficient to prove a biological connection, certifying that a person is a newborn child’s father. To get a paternity leave, the employee should present to the employer the child’s birth document. During paternity leave, a person may be eligible for a paternity beneftit.

Contact your employer for being granted paternity leave. Submit an application to SoDra if you have been granted paternity leave and wish to receive a paternity benefit. This can be done online, by mail or by visiting the local SoDra office in person.

The amount of a paternity benefit shall be 100% of the reimbursed remuneration of the beneficiary. Paternity benefit shall not be lower or higher than the benefit threshold. These limits shall be determined according to the average wage in Lithuania which is published every quarter by the Department of Statistics.

  • Minimum paternity benefit per month shall not be less than 228 Euros (Since 2018).
  • Maximum paternity benefit per month is 1617,40 Euros (the amount of two average wages, 3rd quarter of 2017).

Paternity benefit is paid out for the period of paternity leave but not longer than the child reaches the age of one month. Paternity banefit is paid for the working days (for a 5-day working week). It is paid out in a lump sum at the end of such leave.

Updated: 2018-01-11

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