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What should one know about child care benefits?
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What should one know about child care benefits?


The right to child care benefit may be claimed by one of the parents; child care benefit for the same child may be claimed by one of the parents (adoptive parents), thus, parents entitled to child care benefits have an option to claim this benefit alternately.

E.g., after the baby is born, the mother has been granted child care leave; she filed a claim for a two-year child care benefits. After half a year, she decided to go back to work and child care benefits were granted to the child’s father. In this case, the mother is required to submit a request to SoDra concerning the termination of child care benefit payments, and the child’s father should file a claim for a child care allowance.

The maximum duration of maternity leave is three years. However, in the third year, maternity benefit is no longer payable. Nevertheless, the employer is required to maintain the workplace for the person who is on parental leave. An employer must be notified of the planned paternal leave at least 13 days until the end of pregnancy or maternity leave. Also, the months during which the person is on the parental leave, are continued to be taken into account as the periods of social insurance.

The amount of benefit is calculated according to the previous salary. The amount of child care benefit depends on chosen receipt duration of the benefit: if the insured person chooses to receive the benefit within one year, the amount of the benefit is 100% of the beneficiary’s reimbursed remuneration; if the person chooses to receive the benefit within two years, the benefit until the child turns 1 year old is 70 % and 40 % of the beneficiary’s reimbursed remuneration until the child turns 2 years old.

Child care benefit shall not be lower or higher than the benefit threshold. These limits shall be determined according to the average wage in Lithuania which is published every quarter by the Department of Statistics

  • Minimum child care benefit per month shall not be less than 228 Euros (2018).
  • Maximum child care benefit per month is 1617.40 Euros. If the person chooses to receive the benefit within two years, the maximum benefit amount for the first year is 1132.18 Euros and 646.96 Euros for the second year.

To qualify for a child care benefit, you are required to contact the local SoDra office. You can do it online, by mail or visiting the local office in person. A list of necessary documents to be submitted to SoDra is available on the following website (only available in Lithuanian)

Updated: 2018-01-12

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