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Support to the poor
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Support to the poor


In some cases, the Lithuanians returning  back to the homeland are not only jobless but have absolutely no financial basis and no family members who could offer some help or even a shelter during the first weeks. Under such circumstances, one may need to contact charities. Among the most active charities in Lithuania are Lithuanian CARITAS, Lithuanian Order of Malta‘s relief corps  (‘The Maltese’), Lithuanian Samaritan organization (in Lithuanian), Lithuanian Red Cross SocietySave the Children (in Lithuanian) and many others. These organizations not only provide free accommodation and food services, but also psychological and emotional support as well as   counseling to help those in need gain professional skills. In addition, they have also set up day care centers for children. More information about support to the poor is available HERE (in Lithuanian)

Filling in the documents for financial contributions, old age pensions or for lost personal ID might not always be simple, therefore, one can always contact local administration ward or municipality for some help.

Contacts for municipality social support services.

Updated: 2018-01-12