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Can I receive an unemployment benefit abroad and look for a job in Lithuania?
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Can I receive an unemployment benefit abroad and look for a job in Lithuania?


Usually, to qualify for an uemployment benefit, you should regularly visit the Labor Exchange Office of the country awarding you the benefit, which means you may not leave the country for a longer than a two-week period. However, if you receive an unemployment benefit within the EU/EEA or in Switzerland, you have the right to leave for Lithuania to look for a job and are entitled to receive an unemployment benefit from, say, Spain during a job-search period (exporting UI benefit to Lithuania)

  • You may receive an unemployment benefit for at least another period of 3 months from the EU member state, the Labor Exchange of which you are registered with, but have come to Lithuania to look for a job, if:
    • you are entitled to a UI benefit in the country where you became unemployed;
    • you are registered as a job seeker with the Employment Services of the country where you became unemployed at least 4 weeks ago;
    • you applied to the national Employment Services requesting the issue of a permit to export your unemployment benefit (a (portable) UI benefit export document is U2 PD);
    • upon coming to Lithuania, you have registered in the Local Labour Exchange Office within 7 days

Reviewed: 2018-01-12

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