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Activities of Lithuanians abroad
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Activities of Lithuanians abroad


LT Big Brother Big Sister 

LT Big Brother is the first and the only global voluntary professional mentoring programme for Lithuanian students around the world. The main goal of the project is to facilitate transfer of professional knowledge and experience between established Lithuanian professionals (Big Brothers/Sisters further referred as BB/BS) and ambitious Lithuanian students (Small Brothers/Sisters further referred as SB/SS). With this goal in mind, we help fellow Lithuanians to nurture their professional skills as well as contribute towards development and creation of a better future for Lithuania.

Lithuanian Foundation

Established in 1961, Lithuanian Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to preserving and fostering Lithuanian culture and traditions in the United States, Lithuania and Lithuanian communities worldwide. During its 54 years of existence about 19 million dollars have been donated. The bulk of the funds were designated to the preservation of Lithuanian heritage and projects that are related to this cause: education, culture, art, science projects, public and youth events, student scholarships. With the support of the Lithuanian Fund, Lithuanian schools can continue working all around the world, Lithuanian books are being published, foreign Lithuanian parliaments are being organized, as well as various events relating to the promotions of Lithuanian culture and heritage. The fund also supports art and culture organizations and their events, celebrations, youth camps, world Lithuanian youth congresses and youth organizations, Lithuanian press and radio.

 London City Lithuanian Club

The club encourages the spread of social networks, organizes sport and charity events as well as discussions on various topics with business and leading politicians form Lithuania and the United Kingdom. One of the main aims is to encourage cooperation between Lithuania’s society and the members of the club.

Lithuanian communities abroad

As Lithuanians are scattered throughout the world, in a lot of countries they have gathered into communities, both official and unofficial groups that celebrate Lithuanian festivities, preserve our country’s heritage and initiate numerous activities. Here you will find a list of active Lithuanian communities all around the world. If you feel, that the community you belong to has to be mentioned on this list – feel free to contact us.