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Activities of Lithuanians living abroad in Lithuania
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Activities of Lithuanians living abroad in Lithuania


Talents for Lithuania

Talents for Lithuania is a unique traineeship program which allows Lithuanians who completed their studies abroad to work in the most innovative Lithuanian business enterprises. The paid traineeship which lasts six months allows participants to apply the knowledge that they have accumulated abroad whilst working in the most innovative Lithuanian business enterprises, where they gain work experience and both help achieve global success for Lithuanian business, as well as adding to the country’s economic growth with their talent.

Business Advisors

GLL Business Advisors program brings together Lithuania’s most successful and experienced international professionals to advice to Lithuania’s growing companies, emerging innovators and entrepreneurs. Today the program already has more than 60 professionals committed to share their experience. GLL Business advisors are experienced professionals from leading global business and academic organizations. They dedicate they time to advise Lithuanian companies on on general and specific topics according to their essential needs.

Academic Buddy

Academic Buddy is a mentorship project that helps Lithuanian students to enter the best universities in the United kingdom. The mentors are Lithuanian volunteers that have either graduated from these universities or are studying there at the moment. These volunteers organize meetings where universities, colleges, courses and their requirements are presented. Also, Academic Buddy organizes an event where one can prepare for the interview process, tests, writing of the personal statement and get individual consultations.

Lithuanian Junior Achievement

„Lithuanian Junior Achievement“ (LJA) is the leading economic and business education program in Lithuania and a part of the global Junio Achievement network. LJA programs reach over 20 thousand students from more than 300 schools yearly, they are being educated by more than 300 teachers. Students participate in business competitions and camps, establish real enterprises and compete in national and international events. The education process involves business leaders, who not only consult students during vocational classes, but also invite young people to join their enterprises. LJA also invites Lithuanians who are living abroad who would like to become mentors for the program.

Rotary club of Chicagoland Lithuanians

The Rotary club of Chicagoland Lithuanians is a unique Rotary club, as it is the only club that holds all of their meetings in Lithuanian. The members of the club are responsible for collecting funds for Lithuanian hospitals, various projects in Lithuania, provide Lithuanian books to Lithuanian schools and libraries in the US . – the biggest online donations portal in Lithuania, which enables individuals and legal entities donate more conveniently. The portal is functional for more than 5 years and creates the possibility to receive accounts of the donated funds.

Pagalba daiktais – an internet platform open to all Lithuanian citizens that creates a platform for people to donate things to those who are in need. The recipients are selected by a team of volunteers, thus assuring that the donations are given to the people who really need them.

Lithuanian International Student Services 

A program established in 2008 which allows young people of Lithuanian descent to participate in summer internships in Lithuania. The program can provide funds (become a sponsor) and provide assistance while searching for an internship.

Come to Lithuania to volunteer in various projects. The duration can be from a couple of weeks to a few months. More information:

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