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Personal initiatives of Lithuanians living abroad
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Personal initiatives of Lithuanians living abroad


Ray Bartkus from NYC – artists form the US come to Marijampole 

Lithuanian artist Ray Bartkus, who currently resides in New York, persuaded his american painter friends to spend their summer vacation in Marijampole and decorate the public spaces of the city.

More information in the article (in Lithuanian)


Michael Laiskonis – the spread of Lithuanian cuisine heritage in the United States 

Third generation American Lithuanian searches for his heritage in whilst exploring Lithuanian recipes and spreading them in the US

More information 


Vincas Sruoginis – the spread of Lithuanian cinema abroad 

Lithuanian film director who is living in the US tells people about Lithuania through his movies.

Article in Lithuanian


Migrating birds – workshop in Lithuania for Lithuanian artists living abroad

An annual five-day Lithuanian artists from Lithuania and abroad creative workshop .

More information (in Lithuanian)


Saulius Karosas charity fund

The main objective of the fund, which was established by a businessman-philanthropist living in Switzerland, is to provide money to science, culture, education, and religious community programs. The fund also supports young artists, who are granted funds to continue studies in foreign art schools. The charity also acts as a sponsor to various cultural projects and competitions.

More information (in Lithuanian)