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General information
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General information


The situation in the national labour market is of particular importance for each returning Lithuanian citizen. With regard to the capacity of the labour market, Lithuania outpasses such European Union (EU) old member states as France, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and takes 16th place according to the employment rate of the working population among 28 EU member states. Even though minimum and average wages/salaries in the country fall below West European standards, both foreign and Lithuanian investors create increasingly more jobs not only in the major cities but in the regions as well. It should also be noted that there is a shortage of staff in different areas, which means that those returning have an opportunity to adapt the knowledge and skills gained elsewhere. According to the data provided by the Lithuanian Labour Exchange, the most in-demand specialties in the country are the following:

  • Specialists: Advertising and marketing professionals, administrators and executive secretaries, storage service employees, accountants, business services agents, nursing professionals, sales representatives, application developers, construction managers.
  • Skilled workers and service sector workers: retail salespersons, heavy truck and lorry drivers, cooks, car, taxi and van drivers, painters and workers of related professions, tailors, hatters and furriers, builders, operators of moving agricultural and forestry machinery, plumbers and pipe fitters, welders.
  • Unskilled workers: loaders, cleaners, maids and helpers in offices, hotels and other establishments, manufacturing laborers, low-skilled engineering construction workers, packers (by hand), unskilled mixed crop and livestock farm workers, shelf-stackers, launderers and levelers (by hand), unskilled forestry workers, kitchen helpers.

The Lithuanian Labour Exchange each year reviews Lithuanian labour market trends and gives insights for the short-term prospects. The latest review for the year 2016 can be found here.

Reviewed: 2018-01-12

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