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Job search via the Lithuanian Labour Exchange (LLE)
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Job search via the Lithuanian Labour Exchange (LLE)


A Lithuanian citizen staying abroad can, even prior to returning to Lithuania, find information about job vacancies and the Lithuanian labour market trends on the LLE‘s website.

Having returned to Lithuania, a job seeker can register him/herself with the local (territorial) labour exchange office (at the actual place of residence).

LLE insures a registered person under the compulsory health insurance scheme, helps him/her find a job, organizes training and and retraining programs. The insured person has an obligation to regularly (on average every two weeks) visit the local labour exchange office and to actively seek employment.

Jobs seekers have an option of registering in a database to make themselves visible for potential employers:

  • General CV database;
  • Talent bank for highly skilled employees, proficient in at least one foreign language and having 2 years of prior professioal experience, or for graduate students;
  • Seniors’ bank for older or retired persons seeking for a job.

The Labour Exchange implements various programs aimed to promote youth employment:

Jouth guarantee initiative (only in Lithuanian). The goal of this initiative is to ensure that all the residents of Lithuania from 16 up to the age of 25 receive a good quality offer of employment, continued education, an apprenticeship or traineeship within four monthss of leaving school or becoming unemployed.

Youth job centres provide information and assist young job seekers in finding employment and providing orientation services, organize information and education courses as well as various events for youth, provide professional information and counseling services to the young persons choosing a professional/vocational path. Youth job centres specialize in developing job search skills, self-confidence as well as key competencies. They provide relevant information about career planning, job search strategies and the development of working documents such as CV, motivational letter, etc. All those willing are welcome to attend youth employment centres. Registration is not mandatory and the services are provided free of charge.

Project „Atrask save“ (Discover yourself) (only in Lithuanian) will provide its participants with an opportunity to participate in voluntary activities, foster the motivation of the young persons to integrate into the labour market and/or be engaged in the activities promoting the educational system, thus facilitating  the acquisition of personal, social and professional competencies as well as integration into the labour market. Motivated unemployed young persons will be provided with an opportunity to integrate into the labour market by developing relevant missing skills and competencies.

Other projects implemented by the Labour Exchange:

Promoting the competencies of unskilled persons (only in Lithuanian) has been initiated due to a shortage of skilled workers in various sectors of economy. The project targets the unemployed who have no skills and want to acquire a profession but are still undecided. To start with, they are offered professional psychologists’ help. Emotional, personality and communication problems of the unemployed are addressed, both individually and in groups, thus raising their personal motivation to choose the most suitable profession. The unemployed can choose a marketable profession and an educational institution to acquire new competencies required for available job vacancies or become self-employed.

Employment support for unemployed older people (only in Lithuanian) offers an opportunity for persons older than 54  (registered with labour exchange offices) to integrate into the labour market. Targeted support is provided for these persons focusing on their vocational training, creating subsidized employment and facilitating territorial mobility.

The professionals working in local labour exchange offices will provide all the relevant information about vocational training, qualifications, the procedure for their acquisition, development and retraining, marketability of qualifications and their demand forecasts. You are also encouraged to actively inquire the professionals working in local labour exchange offices about the current programs, training and opportunities, which could be used in specific cases.

More information on retraining is presented in the chapter What is professional retraining and apprenticeship?

Reviewed: 2018-01-12

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