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Programs for returning Lithuanian citizens or those wishing to return
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Programs for returning Lithuanian citizens or those wishing to return


„Work in Lithuania“ – an incentive created by „Invest Lithuania“. Its main objective is to encourage Lithuanians who are living abroad to pursue a career in Lithuania. This website is where successful foreign companies in Lithuania meet potential employees, and relevant news is shared. Those who decide to come back find not only employment opportunities, but also useful practical information about returning to Lithuania.  More information

Talents for Lithuania is a unique program aiming to attract bright Lithuanian graduates of foreign universities to Lithuania for paid professional internships at leading Lithuania-based companies. The program Talents for Lithuania offers an opportunity to the Lithuanians who have graduated foreign universities to acquire specific work experience and adapt the value of international experience in the most innovative Lithuanian companies. During a 6 month paid professional internship program its internationally-educated participants will work on specific projects applying their newly acquired knowledge in the most innovative Lithuanian business companies, gaining the prized and competitive work experience. Furthermore, the talents and a high quality education of foreign educated interns contribute to promoting the success of the Lithuanian business worldwide and the growth of national economyMore information (only in Lithuanian)

Junior professionals’ program “Kurk Lietuvai“ (Create Lithuania) is the first and still the only program for professional advancement and the applicability of best foreign practices to Lithuania, enabling junior professionals to contribute towards shaping the future of modern Lithuania with their knowledge and ideas.

Since 2012, JPP Create Lithuania has been annually inviting junior internationally-educated professionals to participate in the program. Each year, 20 foreign graduates return to Lithuania. During a 12 month program, 20 participants of the JPP Create Lithuania advise on a rotation basis, for 4 months, public sector bodies on various national and regional issues in the areas such as the improvement of Lithuania’s image, the enhancement of competitiveness and business environment, the promotion of entrepreneurship, foreign direct investment and related issues. More information

Voluntary practice is an opportunity for young (16–29 age group) persons to ‘test’ a desired profession and a workplace, get to know the ‘kitchen’ of a favourite profession and have a job placement. During their placement, the young persons are covered with social insurance against occupational accidents at work and occupational diseases. If such persons are registered in the Labour Exchange, they retain the existing status and guarantees during the placement. On January 1, 2015, the Ministry of Social Security and Labour of the Republic of Lithuania approved a new form of voluntary practice for young people. The fundamental change is that to have a job placement, one no longer needs to have an agreement with a university, which means that even young non- students are entitled to a job placement.
The form of a standart placement agreement is available on the following website (only in Lithuanian).

Reviewed: 2018-01-12

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