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If I worked abroad, can I recover part of the taxes paid?
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If I worked abroad, can I recover part of the taxes paid?


Tax overpayment is recovered after the person claimed back tax overpayment while filling out an annual income declaration. The application for recovery is submitted to the Tax Inspectorate. Tax overpayment can happen for various reasons, and different reasons apply in all countries. For example, the state encourages individuals to pursue learning, take out loans to buy cars, takes into account the social status, the volume of tax-free income, the total time worked, etc.

  • Regardless of how long you worked and in which country, even if you worked only for several weeks, be it within the EU or a non EU country, but paid taxes for that period, you can claim a tax refund  from abroad.
  • Claiming a tax refund is completely legal and has no impact on your employment contract or its terms
  • Tax refund is not related to your employer and therefore does not affect your employment relationship because the money is returned not from the employer but from and the tax inspectorate account.
  • Even after tax refund has been received for part or all of the taxes paid, for example, from Great Britain, Lithuanian citizens do not have to pay anything in Lithuania.

Tax declaration, together with a request for tax refund, is submitted to the tax inspectorate of the country where the earnings have been obtained. The declaration can be submitted by the persons themselves. However, filling out tax returns is quite a confusing matter and requires a good knowledge of the national language of the country in question and at least a minimum level of uderstanding of the country’s taxation system. In Lithuania, you can get help filling in your tax returns, submitting applications and recovering tax overpayment from about twenty companies providing such services, which will eventually be easier and faster than doing so on your own. They charge about 60 Euros. The process of recovering tax overpayment takes an average of 2-3 months.

Reviewed: 2018-01-12

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