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Often we receive the question, why Lithuanians living abroad decide to come back and restart their lives back in their home country. There can be a variety of reasons and the question can be answered best by those, who already took that path. 

Whilst the number of returning Lithuanians is rising, it is important to understand, what encourages and stops people from deciding to return, what difficulties they might face after coming back and how can their return be simplified and assisted. The project „I Choose Lithuania“ has  published a qualitative research to help answer these questions, which are viewed from the perspective of returning migrants. In this study, the decision to return back to one’s home country is understood as a dynamic period, during which a person undergoes a certain transformation process, which is continuous and ultimately leads to the decision to return. Based on this concept, the aim of the study was to identify the challenges faced by Lithuanians that came back from abroad and how their attitudes towards living in Lithuania changed before, during and after emigration, as well as determining what factors changed these perceptions.

The summary of the research can be found here: Research Summary (in Lithuanian)

All of the report can be found by clicking the link bellow (in Lithuanian).

Lietuvos piliečių, emigravusių į Vakarų šalis po 2000 m., sprendimo grįžti į tėvynę dinamika ir veiksniai (kokybinė analizė).